„PHENOgraphies“ (Five elements) by Francis Teynier

Art Mall Style Park 11. August 2017

How can the personality and work of Francis Teynier be characterized as eloquently as possible? If you meet him you will realize he is worth of being called a photographer of unknown realities. Although he was born in France he has spent the major part of his life in different countries getting familiar with their lives, drawn inspiration that exploded into the amazing artistic photographs full of elements and colours.

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The Queens among Books

Home Plaza Leisure District 24. July 2017

Beside countless books of various genres one can buy at our bookstores or e-shops, a wide range of exclusive and luxury books are also available in Slovakia. Can book become a beautiful and elegant item, a gem that shines in every bookcase? Can a book become an art form also in its appearance? Yes, it can, says Gabriela Belopotocká, the executive director of the Ikar publishing house, the portfolio of which includes a Luxury Books edition of intended for those who can appreciate exceptional publications.

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