Author – Jules Verne

„We would like to thank to Jules Verne for “cooperation” and his novel that inspired us to create our Milliard City on internet. We hope Mr. Verne will accept our apologies for using the name of his novel’s city to give name to our project but no other name has as same magic as that of the novel written by this great Frenchman. And herewith we wish to present our appreciations and respect toward him and his work.“

phpThumb_generated_thumbnail-2Jules Verne is known to millions of young readers around the world. In the past his books became bestsellers and topics of many discussions held by people eager for adventure and relax in times when they can only dream. We used to dream about countries behind the iron curtain, about Paris and its famous Eiffel Tower, Moulin Rouge, about London and Princess Diana, about distant Australia with its red Aeyrs Rock, or about the famous Brooklyn bridge in New York.

Now everything is within one’s grasp. We can travel, we can fly around the world within less than 80 days, we can discover secrets of Amazonia, be witness of such remarkable projects Mr. Verne would consider to be great idea for dozens of new novels. Nevertheless there is magic and beauty even in the digital world. So why not to be grateful to Mr. Jules Verne?

Jules Verne belonged to extraordinary creative people and creativity is something we like in Milliard City, in a virtual city symbolically established by Mr. Verne himself. He became its first Mayor and joined such great personalities like Michael R. Bloomberg, Kerry Prendergast, or Ken Livingstone.

Jules Verne – Short biography

This remarkable Frenchman was born on 8th February, 1828 in Nantes, in a family of the successful solicitor Pierre Verne. Father decided Jules as the firstborn son to become a lawyer. However the son who had been king of boyish games and having endless phantasy wasn’t dreaming about boring career of the lawyer. Together with his brother Pierre they grew up in jazzy childhood and their dreams of great journeys did come true for his brother Pierre who became a sea captain. Jules, like his father wished, commenced his studies in Paris where he was supposed to pass the advocate’s exams and continue in the father’s work. Nevertheless Paris bewitched him so much that young Verne completely changed his plans. After distressful beginnings in the French Capital he achieved success. Though his efforts to work in the theatrical world, after few theatre pieces and secretary work he shifted to literature. He longed for being a respected author for adults just like Alexandre Dumas who became famous thanks to his historical novels, e.g. Three Musketeers. Verne wished to have same success with geographical novels. However, his fate was to meet a publisher, Pierre Jules Hetzel who directed Verne’s career in a completely different direction what we are grateful for. Obviously the books Verne couldn’t sleep for first arranged immortal fame for him. Young readers as well as adult ones have been fascinated by Five Weeks in a Balloon, Journey to the Centre of the Earth, The Children of Captain Grant, The Adventures of Captain Hatters, The Mysterious Island, Dick Sand a Captain at Fifteen, The Floating Island, Two Year Vacation, Eight Hundred Leagues on the Amazon, Master of the World, Black Indie (The Child of the Cavern), Godfrey Morgan (Robinsons School), Michael Strogoff, The Carpathian Castle, From the Earth to the Moon, Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea, North against South and many others.

Jules Verne died in Amiens on 24th March, 1905 circumscribed by tens of his heroes.

Nowadays you can find all information at Thanks to Mr. Zvi Har’El you can travel in time and admire nice illustrations or get deep into work and life of Jules Verne.

Besides this internet page you can find interesting information at – Centre International Jules Verne.

We are glad we could introduce the first MilliardCity Mayor to you, because it is rightful to give this honourable title to Jules Verne.

Vive le Jules Verne!