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Hypnosis directly from the backstage

Home Plaza Tasty Street 30. January 2017 0 Comments

Once the book “Hope” (Nádej) written by Renáta Ráchelová has been published I began again tempted to know more about the hypnosis and using it in practise. I had read some books about that some time ago and therefore I wished to meet the person who has been really dealing and active in hypnosis. That´s why I decided to visit Mrs. Ráchelová and instead of practicing hypnosis I rather asked her some questions.

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Fall in love … in Tuscany

Home Plaza Tasty Street 5. January 2017 0 Comments

Tuscany is even more marvelous in the autumn than ever. And there was Zdenka Jakešová, an owner of the Experiential Agency “Si, Italy” who lives in the Heart of the divine Chianti and whom we interviewed and asked to share with us authentic feelings and insights directly from the scene. And why is it the Tuscan autumn so great according to her? “Expeditions to taste wine, delicious venison, young olive oil, famous steaks, truffles, homemade pasta and basil … there is a magic autumn reigning in Tuscany! Life must be celebrated, you should not skimp on meal and especially you must slow down.“

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One Day with a great chef

Home Plaza Tasty Street 19. November 2016 0 Comments

Haven’t you yet had a chance to spend almost a whole day with a talented Chef and thereby could see the most hidden places of the kitchen while looking over his shoulder? I did get such a chance and I must admit I really liked that experience.  Executive Chef of the Massimo Restaurant, Rudolf Fejes not only spoke about himself, he had also offered me to taste the most delicious relishes his hands had made.

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Bubba Gump

Home Plaza Tasty Street 17. October 2016 0 Comments

For many centuries the most courageous seafarers and voyagers have been fascinated by mysterious seas and unexplored depths full of various animal species. Few tens of years it was possible to get quality seafood just in coastal and seashore areas, nowadays thanks to modern transport means and changes in eating habits it is available and becoming popular in other places farther from the sea too.

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