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Humility and fight for as best performance as possible – these are the genuine winning ingredients

Sports River 21. December 2016 0 Comments

Recently I made an interview with the winner of the Olympic Gold in the 50km race walk – Matej Tóth. I admit I felt a considerable respect for a man who was able to fight for Slovakia the first most precious metal at the endlessly long  track in Rio. At the end we not only talked about a professional sport but we also had a chat about his private life.

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Doug O´Neill – a trainer, but most of all a human

Sports River 29. August 2016 0 Comments

Interview with Doug O´Neill is another interesting contribution from my US friend with Hungarian roots Sue Pecenka. Last time she visited a great jockey Joe Talamo directly in the „jockeys´ room” in order to introduce him our Milliard Sun magazine. This time she made an interview with a famous horserace trainer who has been very successful with by him trained horses on regular basis.

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