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Matko Trebotić

Art Mall Style Park 20. November 2017 0 Comments

Matko Trebotić is one of the most extraordinary figures of Croatian modern painting. The charismatic appearance and penetrating intellect of this artist, his personal and uncompromising attitude to the crucial questions of the present, and particularly his creativity and exceptional artistic talent in painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, installation, set design and other artistic disciplines, strengthen his indisputable position of a unique European artist.

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„PHENOgraphies“ (Five elements) by Francis Teynier

Art Mall Style Park 11. August 2017 0 Comments

How can the personality and work of Francis Teynier be characterized as eloquently as possible? If you meet him you will realize he is worth of being called a photographer of unknown realities. Although he was born in France he has spent the major part of his life in different countries getting familiar with their lives, drawn inspiration that exploded into the amazing artistic photographs full of elements and colours.

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KO-ME-TE from Zagreb at the Bratislava Advent Sky

Art Mall Style Park 18. January 2017 0 Comments

Kontrec-Meglić-Težak are the names of three Croatian artists who are exhibiting their paintings, sculptures and objects at the Audi Gallery in Bratislava from December 7 to March 1, 2017. The presentation of these three outstanding contemporary artists is a happy encounter between the mature artistic experience of Croatian-German conceptual artist, painter and sculptor Anita Kontrec and that of Gorana Težak and Monika Meglić, painters who belong to the younger generation.

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