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Montenegro a new association with luxury

Travel Alley 27. November 2018 0 Comments

Crna Gora is a small fairy-tale-like seaside country commonly known as the exotic-Montenegro. A state full of contrasts, it offers wild and unrestrained beauty, romance and exquisite sandy beaches. On the one hand it’s known for small cosy towns and on the other, you experience grandiose hotels, casinos, investment opportunities in newly emerging development projects and insane luxury for Russian billionaires docking their ships in Porto Montenegro.

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The Philippines, its beauty and chaos

Travel Alley 16. May 2018 0 Comments

A heaven on earth, a contrast between the beauty of its beaches and the chaos in its cities. Undiscovered corners of the earth, humanity, helping hands, friendship and never-ending relaxation. The Philippines is not only a journey into the unknown but also a journey to realize one of the most precious and valuable things in life – time. Why don’t you dream with us about a destination that will captivate you and is ideal for those who are looking for something “DIFFERENT” for their next vacation.

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Stories the time blew away

Travel Alley 21. July 2017 0 Comments

Travelling provides you not only with great experiences but also with stories associated with that particular destination. Journeys can take you to marvellous places, to nice people or events. In connection with my visit to the famous Del Coronado Hotel in San Diego I would like to present two stories that had happened here.

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TOP Spring Holiday Destinations

Travel Alley 19. April 2017 0 Comments

Are you also having smile on your faces when thinking of the blue sky bathing in the sunshine? Maybe it is just the first sign of joy after the “never ending” winter.  Anyway, it is not enough. Therefore we are going to introduce you few spring destinations that besides the sunny weather provide you with the great offer of tasty meals and interesting sights to see.

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Let’s visit a Christmas fairy tale, or the most magnificent Christmas markets worth of seeing

Travel Alley 16. December 2016 0 Comments

Aromas of punch,  mulled wine, Christmas cakes, sausages, local specialties or traditional handicrafts undoubtedly belong  to the (pre)-Christmas atmosphere. Christmas markets have a long history, especially in Europe. Vienna or Prague? Avoid classics and go to see traditional Christmas markets in less traditional destinations which, however, will surprise you  nicely and help you to stay tuned on the nicest holidays of the year.

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