Autentické príbehy, nadčasové témy

Adventure and relax on the tree

Adventure and relax on the tree

Imagine being in the middle of the nature, miles away from everyday stress and being rewarded by a special and unforgettable night in the top of the tree. Does it seem to be impossible? Contrary, it is absolutely real. In order you to experience that you do not need to do almost anything. Just read following story, engage your fantasy and “play’ with an internet search.

Tree-houses are becoming more and more popular. You can find them nit only in Europe, but also in other continents. Those frequently visited are in Costa Rica, Peru, UK, Belgium, Sweden, Japan, USA or Canada. There are no limits set for design of such houses. Moreover tree-houses have their own history. A famous author – Jules Verne in his novel The Other Homeland let the “Swiss Robinsons” to live on the tree and he even built a complete tree village. So why should not we try this adventure and choose a tree-house instead of hotel? You need not be afraid – such tree houses are not only in abroad we have good news for you, there are attractive tree-houses in the Czech Republic too.

Accommodation is for anybody wishing to stay connected with the nature. It is for couples in love, for families or for friends. If you are amid of wedding planning , just consider an option to spend your wedding night in the top of the tree. That experience will not be forgotten. Or if you plan a prolonged weekend, why don’t spend it in a tree house? Let’s stop talking, let’s go up to the tree to see the tree house.

A dominant element of that tree house is wood. Usually there are spiral stairways leading to a tree-house. You think the stairway is endless, but when you reach the top you come to a completely new world. Fantastic scenery, fresh air as bonus will caress your soul. Don’t think tree house to be a limited adventure for few days. Some people fell so much in love with a „treehouse“ that they decided to live there permanently. You should not be misled by the preliminary imagination – you are not going to suffer of scarcity in the tree house, your stay there can be very pleasant. In a cosy space you will find a bed, wardrobe, other pieces of furniture such as a little pouf, table and shelves for your belongings. Apart from that there is a terrace there where you can enjoy sunbathing while having breakfast served there. Terrace is usually equipped with a small tackle used for lifting a basket with the food. Managers will be keen to provide you such a comfort in order your stay to be nice, romantic and enjoyable.

So, if you wish to enjoy such an adventure, just try a stay in the tree house. A new form of accommodation is very popular so don’t hesitate and book as soon as possible. Because who would not long for memories of experience within the forest?

Zuzka Matejovičová
Photography: Profimedia